The Art of Facilitation

We learnt so much from our first facilitation training! And judging from our own assessment and the feedback of the first group, it has been a huge success; they still come together regularly as a community of practice, and some have described it as life-changing.
The learnings have also led to a change of name: the Art of Facilitation. We realize more and more that ‘depth’ facilitation – facilitating transformative learning – is much more than just a set of skills: more a work of art, created by the dance between facilitator and group.

Working with the emergent

Every group is different and every context is different, requiring constant flexibility and improvisation from the facilitator. For this reason, we have identified ‘working with the emergent’ as one of the key capacities of depth facilitation – and the hardest to teach!
The facilitator has to be able to remain steady in times of uncertainty and hold a degree of chaos. Their own inner work and state of being has to be of a sufficient level to hold other people in their distress and feel intuitively and rapidly what is needed.
Head, heart and gut have to be aligned in service of the group – no small task.
Andre and I have enjoyed the challenge enormously and are only more enchanted by the power of groupwork to act as a transformative agent in people’s lives.
We feel blessed and privileged to do the work we do – and are delighted to share it with others.

Practical details 2017

Date Part 1 : 4-7 Juli 2017 in St. Blancard, France
Date Part 2 : 4 -6 October, Koningsteen Kapelle-o-d-Bos, B
Date Part 3 : 7-8 December, Koningsteen Kapelle-o-d-Bos, B

Facilitators: James Bampfield & André Pelgrims
More info : download pdf


Een magische opleiding. En het woord magisch mag zeer letterlijk genomen worden. Er ontstond magie in mezelf, magie in de groep en ik ben ondergedompeld in een magisch leerproces. Deze opleiding is een uitgelezen kans opdat facilitators grondig worden opgeleid om mensen in hun organisaties verder te laten groeien. Kirsten C.

Deze training heeft mij in mijn ‘zijn’ veranderd, of beter gezegd: meer bij mezelf gebracht. Door het volgen van deze training sta ik rustiger, authentieker in mijn job. De trainers beschikken over een bijzonder vermogen om de groep en de individuele deelnemers te laten groeien. Lynn C.