About James Bampfield

My work in organisations is deeply personal and deeply systemic at the same time. My job as evolution catalyst is to confront limiting patterns and bring out the best in people. Each individual, each team, each organisation has its own unfolding story. As a consultant I enter their story temporarily and use all my experience and magic to help unblock and empower.

The Art of Facilitation

The Art of Facilitation We learnt so much from our first facilitation training! And judging from our own assessment and the feedback of the first group, it has been a huge success; they still come together regularly as a community of practice, and some have described it as life-changing. The learnings have also led to [...]

Talk about pleasure at work

Talk about Pleasure at work Hierboven staat een video waarin je kan luisteren en kijken naar een presentatie van James Bampfield over Plezier op het werk, plezier in organisaties. De presentatie is n.a.v. het boek: 'The discipline of pleasure'. Voertaal is engels. De presentatie duurt 18 minten. Het boek is ook in het nederlands vertaald. [...]

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A new training for facilitators

A new training for facilitators On March 15th 2016, our first facilitation training starts. James tells the story of his career in facilitation. I remember very clearly my first ‘group’ when I was 17 years old, called “Journey to the Heart”. I was immediately captivated and I felt at home. It was not just the [...]

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Work, play and imagination

Work, play and imagination We have just completed our annual Quinx ‘deep dive’ meeting in Greece, at Artisa. In 4 days we covered everything from strategy to finance to interpersonal relationships to personal learning. We made some big decisions, we got to know each other a lot better and Quinx is re-invigorated, energised by our renewed [...]

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Beauty and Pain in New Mexico

Beauty and Pain in New Mexico One morning I left my ‘casita’ at first light to go jogging. The full moon was still up, a huge round sphere, suspended magically in the sky, shedding a piercing silver light over the mountains and desert. At the same time daylight was slowly ebbing up over the opposite [...]

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Conflict, a Window of Opportunity

Conflict, a Window of Opportunity. A journal from Armenia. For the last week I have been in Armenia following a course from the Deep Democracy Institute in large group conflict transformation. Inspiring, touching and very educational. I believe that what I have learnt will benefit my work and that of Quinx enormously. The basic premise [...]