Corona - a crises of Imagination, a crises of Intimacy

Like many people, I expect, I have been reflecting a lot about what Corona means for us as a society. I strongly believe that we need a spiritual interpretation and response as well as scientific and sociological perspective. I have partnered here with dear, brilliant colleague and friend Marc Gafni - it's a long read so grab a glass of wine (or whatever your poison is!)... and please feel free to comment, all feedback welcome!

A crisis has swept over our planet. As the virus has woven itself into the fabric of society, so have many aspects of our ordinary lives unravelled. We may be in fear about our health and that of our dear ones. We may
have found that our work has ground to a halt. Almost certainly, many of our plans have disintegrated like sandcastles in the oncoming tide. This wind of collective change is probably the strongest many of us in the developed world have felt in our lifetime.
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