Mission and values

It is our mission to bring inidviudals, groups and organizations to a deeper level of freedom, connection, and meaning. Our motto is: Sustainable transformation through learning together. We want to help people and organizations to function successfully through finding their heart and soul.

Values :

We aspire to work and live by the following values:


Waking up
    This means being aware, open to learn and grow, in contact with your deeper values and mission.
  • Community
    Most of our life is lived in community, both professional and private. We have a strong belief that the quality of our life is directly related to the quality of our communities.

Enthusiasm. The art of being and doing from a place of eagerness and inspiration.
  • Social responsibility
    Because of our belief in the inter-connectedness of everything, we find it important to be aware of the broader social systems of which we are a part, and to take action where needed on behalf of the whole.

There are 3 key principles in our work:

  • Depth
    The learning process we take people through is rewarding and demanding.
    The developmental curve can be summed up as the movement from ego to soul.
  • Innovation
    Our facilitators have expertise in various methodologies.
    We design and we improvise – whatever it takes to bring people to the next level.
  • Community
    Our work usually awakens a certain magic between people.
    Our clients often refer to a ‘Quinxy’ feel: authentic, connected and sparkling