Project Description

Time-out retreat

A program for organisations and private individuals

Most of us live our lives on the run. Duties at work and at home envelope us and prevent us from standing still and reflecting on what is important in our life.
Important questions emerge: Is this it? Can I do it differently?  Is this what I really want? Why do I have such a short fuse? How can I derive more pleasure from my daily life? How can I find peace?
This week gives you the chance to take a proper time-out: slowing down, quietening the mind, reflecting, having insights. All of this under professional guidance in a magnificent nature.


Prior to the retreat there is an intake interview.
 The program will organically evolve out of your personal questions and themes.
 Work in the group will alternate with private time for reflection in connection to nature. This helps your heart and spirit to open up to new horizons of awareness.
 Where necessary you will receive private coaching and personal instructions.

We work:

  • experientially
  • personally
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • exercises
  • reflection and tailor-made tasks

“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” Herman Hesse

You will go home with:

  • insights over yourself and the next steps in your life
  • overview of milestones in your life
  • a feeling of space and peace
  • inspiration and new tools for daily life
  • breakthrough in old patterns.

Who is this retreat for ?

This is a retreat for people who long for inner peace and insight. In the retreat you will learn how to become ‘bigger’ than the hectic rush of everyday life, and how to re-kindle your soul and awaken your authentic rhythm and expression.
 The retreat is for people who work (too) hard and want to stop and stand for a while on the sidelines of their life.

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Micky Masset and Celeste Neelen have many years experience in facilitating retreats, groups and individuals, for both organisations and private individuals. We work from a holistic and systemic perspective.


Artisa, Epidavros, Greece
We stay at the beautiful Artisa, the sea at our feet, mountains behind. Here the rhythms of the waves determines the undertone of the day, the sound of the birds wakes you up, the sea-breeze strokes your cheeks, and the Spring covers you in blossom.
The woods above the beech provide additional enchantment.


1870 € Business. Incl. full board and transfer to Artisa,  excl Vat and flight
To use our direct transfer from the airport your plane should arrive around 15.30. If you arrive at a different time you will travel by train to Corinth and will be picked up by taxi. It is very easy to travel by train and taxi.

1270 € Private individuals incl. full board and transfer to Artisa, excl flight. See above info about transfer.


  • Epidavros’ enkele weken geleden gewoon een onbekende plaats met een mooie aanlokkelijke naam. Nu klinkt Epidavros ..als die magische plek onder de appelsienenbomen, die geweldige mensen die ik niet zal vergeten, die oprechte verhalen, die warmte, die veiligheid, die veelheid van emoties, die veelzeggende stilte, die wondermooie luchten, het wisselende licht op de zee, die helder klaterende golven, die frisse zwempartijen, die pure sessies, die ‘uitdagende’ opdrachten, die geleidelijke inzichten, dat bevrijdend bewegen en dansen, die kundige zorg, die keien met dankbaarheid aangenomen, die heerlijke maaltijden, …en nog zoveel meer. ‘Epidavros’ werkt als een anker, een zeer sterk gevoel om nog heel lang mee te nemen. Stefaan
  • Ik voel terug rust, vreugde en plezier. Het effect van vorige week blijft nazinderen. Mijn partner vind me zoveel rustiger. Ik volg meer mijn impulsen en kan zelfs in de file staan zonder stress. Belinda
  • Ga hiermee door, want dit is echt zo goed en mooi dat het iedereen gegund is. Ik heb nieuwe energie opgedaan,  inzichten gekregen en liefde voor mijn lichaam herontdekt. Lode