Sunday Spirit Meditation Series

Spirit is the source of everything, spirit is the pulse of the life, spirit is who we really are. Spirit is the Dao that cannot be named, spirit is the hidden harmony.
New meditation sessions will start late spring 2024. Dates will follow.

James is delighted to announce his new meditation series called Sunday Spirit.

It makes such a difference to come together, real human beings in the room, face to face, hand in hand, and create an oasis of sanity, beauty and depth. Each session will be both similar and different: our usual juicy mix of sitting in silence, chanting, movement to music, active meditations, energywork, and… again silence.

Rough goals are (including goal-less-ness):
• To wake up
• To connect to spirit and own our essential spiritual identity
• To understand and manage the thinking mind
• To experience the benefits and joys of a sangha or collective energy field

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You can sign up for 2 autumn sessions and will get a reduction.
You can also book for sessions separately.

'These sessions with James let you connect with an abundance in yourself and your environment that you cannot capture with your head. Timelessness enters. You experience the best version of yourself and the world.'

Ruth Lachaert



Per session: € 40 To sign up send a mail to info@jamesbampfield.org

Data en locatie

Vanaf mei 2024 zal er een nieuw aanbod komen.


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Quinx België

Leopoldstraat 40 bus 3
2550 Kontich
+32 495 51 78 99

Casa Cato (coachingruimte Mechelen)
Frederik de Merodestraat 26
2800 Mechelen

Quinx Nederland

Valklaan 33
5272 RX Sint-Michielsgestel
+31 64 18 18 625