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Project Description

The Art of Facilitation

Een programma voor organisaties en particulieren. Wordt in het Engels gegeven.

The Art of facilitation involves the ‘whole self’ of the facilitator and goes far beyond technique.
The goal is to help transform individuals and teams into freer, happier, better-performing people. The role of depth facilitator is becoming increasingly relevant in a world where technological change has moved much faster than inner change.

Content and approach

During the course, participants will be taken through an intensive journey of experience, practice and reflection. The key learning happens fresh, live in the moment of observing oneself and the group in action. Each participant will have the chance to facilitate and receive extensive feedback from both trainers and peers.
At the heart of transformative facilitation (as we experience and practice it) lie certain qualities and capacities:
  • Deep contact with your own inner world of energy, emotion, thought and symbol
  • Deep contact with the ‘field’ in which you are working
  • The ability to read and interpret the dynamics and signals of this field
  • The courage and confidence to intervene effectively in the field
  • The ability to hold discomfort and change within oneself and the field
  • The ability to hold equally the development of the group with the development of the individual members
  • Thorough self – knowledge: where might I help the evolution of the group and where might I get in the way?
  • A sound ethical base from which to work.

“A facilitator has three tasks with a group:
– Setting the tone
– Deepening the tone
– Changing the tone”

What do you learn

The key outcome of this course is to be able to work with the emergent in a transformative way. By transformative we mean bringing a depth of learning to groups and individuals whereby the quality of their being and action in the world is changed.

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For whom?

Facilitators and trainers who wish to deep the transformative edge of their work. Managers, HR partners and high potentials who wish to broaden and deepen their leadership capacity.


André Pelgrims and James Bampfield have between them over 40 years of experience working as consultants and facilitators within organizations of all shapes and sizes. They have undergone extensive training themselves in a variety of disciplines and have built up with passion and care a craft anchored in experience working with many thousands of people. They are also deeply committed to their own evolution, both professionally and personally – a vital asset for a facilitator, and one which keeps them on the leading edge of
the facilitation world.


The first module will be held in France, in St. Blancard and module two in Belgium at Koningsteen.

Fee 2018

€ 3.790, excl Vat, incl accommodation, full board and program


  • “Deze training heeft mij in mijn ‘zijn’ veranderd, of beter gezegd: meer bij mezelf gebracht. Door het volgen van deze training sta ik rustiger, authentieker in mijn job. De trainers beschikken over een bijzonder vermogen om de groep en de individuele deelnemers te laten groeien.” Lynn C.
  • Een magische opleiding. En het woord magisch mag zeer letterlijk genomen worden. Er ontstond magie in mezelf, magie in de groep en ik ben ondergedompeld in een magisch leerproces. Deze opleiding is een uitgelezen kans opdat facilitators grondig worden opgeleid om mensen in hun organisaties verder te laten groeien. Kirsten C.