Spirituality for Today

40 years on the spiritual path now.
Bloody hell! Am I very old? Am I very wise? Neither!

Yet my wonder at the mystery of existence only grows, my connection to spirit only strengthens, my capacity to love increases, my spiritual practice becomes more and more exciting, my work seems to receive greater appreciation.

At the same time, my vulnerabilities and limitations become more obvious, 
more tender and acceptable,
less of an obstacle,
more of a doorway.

Spirituality for today

Around me, I see a world of increasing beauty and increasing terror, as we wake up to our collective potential for both love and destruction.
The planetary clock is ticking, it would seem, as our technological power seems to have outstripped our wisdom at this point.
I am worried that the most superficial and hollow voices are the ones receiving the most attention.

So it feels time for me to ‘come out’ more.
I want to breathe new life into the word spirituality,
I want the spiritual voice to be heard, the spiritual perspective to be used.
I want to use my unique gifts, make a contribution to a better world, and encourage you to do the same with yours.

I would love people to realise how joyous the spiritual path can be,
how enriching, how educational, how loving, how crazy, how challenging, how erotic it can be, how socially active it can be.

It has to be a spirituality that fits our age, respectful of tradition, critical of tradition, always evolving, always connected to that which never changes.

So the scriptures are turning into podcasts,
the sangha is turning into virtual communities,
the Zendo is turning into Zoom.
While the ground of all being, the formless, never changes.
Can we hold this paradox?

Hence my new podcast series: ‘Spirituality for Today’.
Come and join me as I explore the theory and practices I have developed over the years.
First the What, the How, the Why, the I-haven’t-got-a-clue.
Then on a regular basis I will interview someone different and explore how spirituality affects their lives’.

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Let’s play with spirit,
wrestle with spirit,
flirt with spirit,
merge with spirit,
embody spirit,
express spirit in the world.