James Bampfield

Persoonlijk leiderschap – Veranderingstrajecten – Organisatieontwikkeling – Coaching – Consultancy – Facilitation – Energiewerk – Meditatie en Energie – Communicatie

‘My work in organisations is deeply personal and deeply systemic at the same time. My job as evolution catalyst is to confront limiting patterns and bring out the best in people. Each individual, each team, each organisation has its own unfolding story. As a consultant I enter their story temporarily and use all my experience and magic to help unblock and empower.

Groups are my medium. I have been involved with group work my whole life, both as participant and facilitator. I am at my happiest and strongest when I can awaken or rekindle a love of learning in people, a desire to create a more fulfilling life for themselves and a more flowing workplace.
I graduated from Cambridge University and took a further Masters in change management at University of Surrey. I have lived in various countries and been exposed to many different cultures. I am grateful to the school of life for a wonderful (ongoing!) education. My working language is both English and Dutch.’
Have a look at my most recent project, which I’m very excited about: The crossing. Last year I also started Spirituality for Today and the Sunday Spirit meditations.

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